Pico partnered with Rufner Events to manage the four official events for the Swiss Cities UBPA Pavilion, including the opening and closing ceremonies, ‘Swiss Day’ and ‘Cities Day’. To mark the opening of the Expo, each city invited special guests to a ‘Plunge’ celebration, with an astonishing, artistic show about water from Madir Eugster plus other continuous entertainment inside the pavilion.

To cool guests or shelter them from rain, several large umbrellas were strategically located through the plaza on Cities Day. Each umbrella came with a loudspeaker and a MP3 player broadcasting stories about water. Swiss Day took place during the hottest part of the summer, and visitors were invited to step into the Pico-designed pavilion and enjoy themselves while exploring a cool, water-filled world.

During October’s closing ceremony, stakeholders celebrated their shared success with a summary exhibition of all of the pavilion’s activities during the course of the Expo. There were so many things to celebrate that the activity stretched out over two weeks!