The Singapore National Day Parade is an event of great significance for the country of Singapore. Held on 9 August every year, the ‘NDP’ is the climatic finale to a day spent celebrating Singapore, and is watched by a live audience of over 150,000 and broadcasted to a national TV audience of over two million.

This year’s event was a display of Singapore’s independence, its multi-racial and multicultural heritage, and offered a glimpse into the future of this vibrant nation.

Pico designed and fabricated the infrastructure supporting the parade, ceremony and show segments of NDP 2014, including the overall stage set, actor’s bridge, fireworks platform, front-of-house scaffolds and numerous other elements.

By far the largest element, the rectangular stage set supported a myriad of activities which celebrated not just Singapore's 49th birthday, but all things Singaporean. Built on a floating platform in the Marina Bay reservoir, the design was technically challenging, as the platform level fluctuated with the tides and the varying loading levels. All the structures, connections and joints for the infrastructure on the floating platform needed to accommodate these variations in platform level.

Despite the design challenges, the variable weather conditions and the general unpredictability of an outdoor event of this size, the team was still able to deliver the project three days ahead of schedule, allowing the preparations for this important day to go off without a hitch.