Pico was awarded a management contract for the Chenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre (“the CZCEC”) in China’s Hunan Province.

Chenzhou city’s first exhibition hall, this is a large-scale, modern multi-function centre which offers comprehensive facilities. Under the agreement, Pico will be responsible for providing a wide range of facility management and operations management services for the CZCEC, including hosting and co-organising conferences, exhibitions and other events, as well as the management of the venue, facility rental and other ancillary services like parking lots and food and beverage services.

Encompassing a total site area of 133,731 sq. m., the CZCEC forms part of the recreational and sports district of the city providing show organisers and exhibitors with approximately 50,000 sq. m. of indoor exhibition space and approximately 15,000 sq. m. of outdoor exhibition space.

With Pico’s global prominence and experience in the exhibition industry, the CZCEC is well-placed to grow as a first-class international convention and exhibition destination for iconic international and local exhibitions and events in the Jiang Nan region.

Chenzhou city’s first exhibition hall, the CZCEC is well-located and has convenient transportation links – situated only 15 minutes away from high-speed rail links which allow access to Shenzhen in two hours and Changsha and Guangzhou in only 90 minutes. Meanwhile, the Chenzhou airport construction project is currently being planned, which will further improve the city’s transportation infrastructure and connection to the CZCEC. The CZCEC is scheduled to host its first event in the last quarter of 2014.